What’s That Song? Radio Shack Commercial

I was watching TV the other night, when a song featured in a new Radio Shack commercial caught my attention. When I heard it, I knew that I recognized the song, but it took me a few minutes to remember that the song was actually “Neon Beanbag,” a song by Stereolab. Radio Shack… or is it just The Shack now?… has recently been airing a series of commercials featuring music by a variey of indie artists.

“Neon Beanbag” was the first track on Chemical Chords, the 2008 CD by British band Stereolab. Check out the official video below.

Looking through the various Radio Shack commercials on YouTube, some of the other current commercials feature songs by the likes of Let’s Go Sailing, The Raveonettes, Datarock and more. Whoever chose the songs for these advertisements definitely has great taste in music.

For a limited time, you can go to the Radio Shack Facebook page (yes, there is one) and download ringtones of all of the songs for free.