Top 100 Songs Of The 00’s: “Flowers In The Window” – Travis

“Flowers In The Window”
by Travis (2001)

I don’t know when I really started to appreciate this song as much as I do.  I did like it quite a bit when it first came out, along with some of the other great tracks from their 2001 CD The Invisible Band. But I think it might have been around 2004/2005 when I got my first iPod that I started to listen to this song a lot more.  Back then, I used to mostly shuffle everything on the iPod, pretty much all the time.  I didn’t have too many playlists created at that point.

Well, “Flowers in the Window” was one of a handful of songs that would come up in shuffle A LOT!  But instead of getting tired of it, I would enjoy it more and more each time it played.  In fact, according to my page, this is tied for my 12th most listened to song, since I started tracking my listening habits back in 2005.