Courtney Barnett – Spotify Session (live from Coachella 2014)

In addition to having one of the best albums of the year (and best album titles, The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas), Courtney Barnett is one of our favorite artists here at Cuter Than Pie!  Back in February, she was our featured artist of the week, and her live set was one of my favorites at Coachella this past April.

Now, an exclusive Spotify Session has debuted online, with 5 songs performed live at Coachella 2014.  I’m not sure what weekend the performance took place.  It’s possible that the songs may have been recorded at the Spotify House instead of the actual festival performance.


I’ve listened to a few of these Spotify Sessions before, and they can sometimes be hit or miss, depending on how good the artist performs live.  Luckily, this is a great set of music, highlighting the best tracks from Courtney Barnett’s debut album.

My only complaint would be that the songs appear to play in the wrong order.  At the end of track 3, “Lance Jr./Canned Tomatoes”, she mentions that “Avant Gardener” is the next song being performed, even though that song actually appears as track 2 on this EP.  Even though it’s a small issue to have, I’ve re-arranged the songs in the playlist below, so that they flow in a more logical order.

Courtney Barnett is a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist.  I enjoy her music and the humor she puts into her lyrics.

Check out Spotify Sessions w/ Courtney Barnett: