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Mr. Bungle Unveil New Online Store, Promise Vinyl Re-Issues

Let’s face it.  It’s currently a great time  to be a Mike Patton fan.  First, Faith No More reunited in 2009, embarking on a world tour.  In July of this year, the band debuted two songs at Hyde Park in London, the first new songs that the band has written together in 15 years, sparking rumors of a new album being released at some point soon.

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This past weekend, a new online store opened over at for Mike Patton’s original band Mr. Bungle. The store currently sells various items of apparel, including the infamous “Tractor In My Balls” shirt that Patton wears in the video for Faith No More’s “Epic”.


In addition to the online store, a post on Facebook promised “band authorized vinyl reissues coming in 2015“.  I had actually purchased the second Bungle album Disco Volante on vinyl back when it first came out in 1995, but had never bought the other two.

At Christmas, I got a new turntable, after not having one for years.  I’ve been buying most of this year’s albums on vinyl, along with some old favorites as well.  When shopping at Amoeba Records in L.A. earlier this year I spotted a re-issue of the debut self-titled Mr. Bungle album on vinyl, and almost purchased it there, but decided to wait.  Upon coming home, and looking up reviews of the album online, I found that they were mostly negative because of the fact that the entire 75 minute CD had been crammed onto one single LP, causing some overall sound quality issues.

I’m very excited at the prospect of some official re-issues, and would expect the debut to be at least split across 2 LP’s, and 4 sides.  Stay tuned here for more info as it becomes available!

For those who have never heard the music of Mr. Bungle, all three albums are combined into one release on Spotify (and available separately as well), entitled The Studio Album Collection.  Give it a listen below…