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This Is Funny (08/05/14) – Butt Drugs

When my friend Jodi sent this to me the other day, I immediately thought to myself, “You know what? I would totally be a giant A-hole if I didn’t put this on the site!”  But after watching the video a few times, I knew I really had to get to the bottom of this thing! So I gathered our crack research team, and they promised that they wouldn’t stop until they were able to uncover the whole truth, and nothing but!

In all seriousness, a visit to their website shows that the Butt Drugs pharmacy, located in Corydon, Indiana, was founded in 1952 by the late William Butt.  Over the years, the pharmacy has been passed on to several generations of Butts.

I realized after watching this a few times that if you watch the video enough, you’ll probably get this song stuck in your head for days! And if you are really into this commercials (and/or butts), you can even buy t-shirts on their site.


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