Belle and Sebastian – It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career (vinyl reissues)

Rumored for awhile now, but finally confirmed, last week Belle and Sebastian announced that almost all of their studio albums will be reissued on vinyl in October.


As the band finishes up their ninth studio album, and prepares for a Fall tour, they will be re-releasing the following albums on vinyl (available on October 7th):

Tigermilk (Matador / Jeepster)
If You’re Feeling Sinister (Matador / Jeepster)
The Boy With The Arab Strap (Matador / Jeepster)
Fold Your Hands Child, You walk Like A Peasant (Matador / Jeepster)
Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (Matador / Jeepster)
Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Matador / Rough Trade) with alternate art
The Life Pursuit (Matador / Rough Trade)
The BBC Sessions (Matador / Jeepster)
Write About Love (Matador / Rough Trade)
The Third Eye Centre (Matador / Rough Trade)

The only album that is not being re-released at this time is the Storytelling soundtrack (however, I did see that particular release on vinyl at a local record store just recently, so it might still be available in some capacity).

As somebody who has been buying a lot of vinyl this year, I’ve been anticipating these releases, ever since hearing rumors about them several months back.  While some of these titles can still be found (for instance, I’ve seen quite a few of their LP’s at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles), others like The Life Pursuit, have been harder to find.  The median price of that album alone on is currently $61.  There’s no word on whether these reissues will include any bonus tracks, but I would just expect them to be the same as the original releases.

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