Truly Judy’s Uncommon Oldies – Gary Lewis & The Playboys – “Girls In Love”

This week’s edition of “Uncommon Oldies” takes us to radio station WKNR, Keener 13, in Detroit/Dearborn, Michigan.

My survey artists got their first job playing at Disneyland. Despite the lead singer being the son of a famous comedian, nobody at Disneyland knew of his heritage. The entertainment director simply liked what he saw and heard, and he hired them on the spot.

In the summer of 1964, the group was discovered by producer Snuff Garrett. Their first 7 songs were top ten hits and their very first song, “This Diamond Ring”, went all the way to #1.

In 1965, the lead singer, Gary Lewis, was voted Cash Box Magazine’s “Male Vocalist of the Year” winning the honor over other nominees Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

On the WKNR survey in May, 1967 at #26, here are Gary Lewis & the Playboys with Girls In Love, a song that peaked at #39 on the Billboard charts and was on the Liberty label.

“Girls In Love
Gary Lewis & the Playboys
Liberty – 1967

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