Best of 2014: St. Vincent

2014 was a huge year for St. Vincent.  She released her self-titled album St. Vincent, she got a lot of national exposure as musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and her album has been included in several high-profile year-end lists.  If you’ve never heard her music, I put together a Best of St. Vincent Spotify playlist back in March with some of her best songs (leading up to the newest release).

While I’m not sure that her self-titled 2014 release is the best album she’s done as a whole, it definitely had a lot of great songs.  Most of the focus went to the “singles” that were released from the album (“Digital Witness” and “Birth In Reverse” got a lot of attention), but from the moment I heard the song “Severed Crossed Fingers”, I knew that it would be near the top of my own year-end list of songs.

In a year of great albums and great music as a whole, I chose “Severed Crossed Fingers” by St. Vincent as my number one song of 2014.

And digging a little deeper, why don’t you check out another favorite track from St. Vincent … “Prince Johnny”

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