Best of 2014: Future Islands

One of my favorite discoveries of 2014 was the band Future Islands.  The song “Seasons (Waiting On You)” seemed to be the song of the Summer (if not the whole year), and it was pretty much a dead heat between this song, St. Vincent’s “Severed Crossed Fingers” and Spoon’s “Inside Out” as my favorite song of the year.

I had heard “Seasons…” on the radio (Sirius XMU was playing it quite a bit) and was aware of their now infamous David Letterman performance (3 million views and counting on YouTube) before I had ever even listened to the album for the first time.  My wife and I were heading up to L.A. on the Metro and I needed something to listen to during the trip.  By the time we got to our destination (Amoeba Records), I already loved the album so much that I thought about buying it on vinyl while we were there, but I thought that would be crazy after only listening to it one time through.

Even with all of the other great albums released in 2014, this one easily makes my top 5, and after seeing them at Coachella in April, I became an even bigger fan.

I’m including the Letterman performance here instead of the album version of the song, because it definitely needs to be seen.

And another one of my favorite tracks from the album, “Back In The Tall Grass” …

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