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Bad Billboard: The Expendables 3

I haven’t written a good, honest rant on the site in awhile.  I hope you don’t think that it’s because nothing has annoyed me.  I’ve just really been too busy to get my thoughts together and type them out, but something was bugging me and I just had to post it here!

Now, I think we can all agree that billboards can still be an effective form of advertising.  When you’re driving in your car, you’re pretty much a captive audience.  Just heading into work, I probably pass by 10 to 20 billboards on a daily basis.  One billboard that’s recently showed up around here is this ad for the film The Expendables 3

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I Hate That Commercial! – Six Flags

Okay, let’s just face the hard truth here… the commercials for Six Flags’ theme parks have been pretty bad for years. Sure, the old guy dancing to that song (apparently “We Like to Party” by Vengaboys) was maybe mildly entertaining when the advertising campaign started back in 2004. And that was mostly because it was one of those weird commercials you couldn’t really turn away from. It had catchy music, and that crazy bald dancing man (apparently named “Mr. Six”). They got rid of the commercials a few years later, turning instead to a new slogan (“Six Flags. More Flags, More Fun.”) which doesn’t even make any sense in the slightest.

Well, after that didn’t work out, they brought good ol’ Mr. Six back for new advertisements in the last year or so. And now, well, they’ve really topped themselves again, by bringing out one of the most disturbing commercials ever.

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I Hate That Commercial! Folgers Coffee “Peter Comes Home”

It seems like the most viewed blog entries we write here at Cuter Than Pie have to do with commercials… commercials we love, hate, and the songs that are included in them. In a time of DVR’s, when executives are probably worried that most viewers are actually skipping them altogether, it’s probably good to see that people are still paying attention to a few of them, especially those that stand out, and not always in a good way.

And speaking of standing out in a bad, fairly creepy way is the new Folgers commercial.  While researching this clip, I found out that it was actually created as a 2009 remake of their classic 1980’s Christmas campaign, where Peter comes home for Christmas.  Check out the original 80’s commercial here before we move on.

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You Can Do So Much Better… Eugene Levy

Oh Eugene Levy, I saw that yet another American Pie movie is coming out on DVD this week, and once again, you are in it.  Don’t you know you can do so much better?  You wrote and starred in Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration for god’s sake!  Those are all brilliant films!

I just checked your IMDb profile; seven American Pie movies, really?  The Man, with Samuel L. Jackson?  New York Minute, with the Olsen twins?  I just saw you in Taking Woodstock this summer and you were good!  Why can’t you do more stuff like that?

And by the way, Samuel L. Jackson – we’ll have to talk too, later.