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TV on the Radio – “Happy Idiot”

Yesterday, TV on the Radio debuted “Happy Idiot”,  the first track from their forthcoming album Seeds, which is being released in November.  Even though the band released a couple of new songs last year (“Mercy” and “Million Miles”) neither of those songs will appear on the new record, their first album since 2011.

Check out the lyrics video for “Happy Idiot” and the full tracklisting for Seeds below…

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Truly Judy’s Uncommon Oldies – Gary Lewis & The Playboys – “Girls In Love”

This week’s edition of “Uncommon Oldies” takes us to radio station WKNR, Keener 13, in Detroit/Dearborn, Michigan.

My survey artists got their first job playing at Disneyland. Despite the lead singer being the son of a famous comedian, nobody at Disneyland knew of his heritage. The entertainment director simply liked what he saw and heard, and he hired them on the spot.

In the summer of 1964, the group was discovered by producer Snuff Garrett. Their first 7 songs were top ten hits and their very first song, “This Diamond Ring”, went all the way to #1.

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Bad Billboard: The Expendables 3

I haven’t written a good, honest rant on the site in awhile.  I hope you don’t think that it’s because nothing has annoyed me.  I’ve just really been too busy to get my thoughts together and type them out, but something was bugging me and I just had to post it here!

Now, I think we can all agree that billboards can still be an effective form of advertising.  When you’re driving in your car, you’re pretty much a captive audience.  Just heading into work, I probably pass by 10 to 20 billboards on a daily basis.  One billboard that’s recently showed up around here is this ad for the film The Expendables 3

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