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Top 25 Songs Of 2009

Later today, I will begin my alphabetical countdown of my 100 favorite songs of the last ten years (2000-2009), one each weekday, until I get through all of them. But, before that starts, I took some time to sit down and compile my 25 favorite songs of 2009. This was one of the best years for music in recent memory. What was different for me this year, compared to most, is that normally I have a lot of favorite albums… CD’s that I listen to all year, all the way through. This year, I have only a few albums that I enjoyed from beginning to end. So few that I may not even be able to rank them properly, but this was an amazing year for individual songs.

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Music Video: Air – “Sing Sang Sung”

“Sing Sang Sung” is the first official single off of Love 2, French band Air’s sixth studio album released early-October of this year. ¬†Along with it is a music video as adorable as the song is, seemingly inspired by The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film and the animation style of George Dunning.

I was lucky enough to download the video when it was on iTunes as the free music video of the week a little while back, but you can check it out here: