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Top 100 Songs of the 00’s: “Charm Attack” – Leona Naess

Charm Attack
by Leona Naess (2000)

In 2000, I discovered one of the catchiest songs of the decade.  So much so, that it’s still one of my favorites today.  I don’t know why, but I guess as a song gets older, and a bit overplayed, you just get tired of it sometimes.  That’s why most of my favorite songs of the last 10 years are from 2005 or newer.  So it says something about “Charm Attack” that it still sounds as fresh today as it did 10 years ago.

“Charm Attack” comes from Naess’ debut CD, Comatised. You might have heard it on The OC or in the film Whatever It Takes.  I know I sure didn’t.  She later went on to release three more CD’s, including the wonderful I Tried To Rock You, But You Only Roll in 2001.   Oh, and did I mention that Leona Naess is the step-daughter of Diana Ross?

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