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Playlist: The Best Of Jenny Lewis

I’ll admit that I was a little late in discovering the music of Jenny Lewis, but she’s become one of my favorite artists of all time. Being our featured artist this week, and having just released her third solo album, The Voyager, I put together this playlist with some of, what I consider to be, her best songs.

You probably know Jenny Lewis as the lead singer for the band Rilo Kiley, who formed in 1998.  Their biggest radio exposure came from the track “Portions For Foxes” and that’s where I first heard of the band for the first time.  Even though I liked the song when I would hear it on the radio, for whatever reason it didn’t make me go and check out their other material.  It wasn’t until their album Under The Blacklight came out in 2007 that they made a huge impression on me, and to this day that is still my favorite Rilo Kiley release.

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Courtney Barnett – Spotify Session (live from Coachella 2014)

In addition to having one of the best albums of the year (and best album titles, The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas), Courtney Barnett is one of our favorite artists here at Cuter Than Pie!  Back in February, she was our featured artist of the week, and her live set was one of my favorites at Coachella this past April.

Now, an exclusive Spotify Session has debuted online, with 5 songs performed live at Coachella 2014.  I’m not sure what weekend the performance took place.  It’s possible that the songs may have been recorded at the Spotify House instead of the actual festival performance.

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The Weekly Dose 07-28-14 (featuring Jenny Lewis)

Featured Artist Of The Week: Jenny Lewis

In her almost 30 year career, Jenny Lewis has been a child actor (cult films such as Troop Beverly Hills and TV shows like The Golden Girls), and a musician, first with the band Rilo Kiley (formed in 1998) and eventually branching out to a solo career in 2006.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Jenny Lewis is one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  She’s got one of the best voices out there, and this week she’s back with a brand new album called The Voyager.

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Playlist: The Best Of Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts are one of my favorite bands of the last couple of years, but they are still relatively new.  The band, formed in 2010 in Brooklyn, NY, consists of Andrew Savage (vocals, guitar), Austin Brown (vocals, guitar), Sean Yeaton (bass) and Max Savage (drums).

The band’s music has been described as snarky punk, but I also hear some other styles mixed in as well. A couple of songs even remind me of Chuck Mosely-era Faith No More (“Dear Ramona”) or old-school Beck (“He’s Seeing Paths”). Even though the band has only released two full-length LP’s and one EP, I put together this playlist with some of their best songs, for those who have never heard the band before.

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