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Best of 2014: St. Vincent

2014 was a huge year for St. Vincent.  She released her self-titled album St. Vincent, she got a lot of national exposure as musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and her album has been included in several high-profile year-end lists.  If you’ve never heard her music, I put together a Best of St. Vincent Spotify playlist back in March with some of her best songs (leading up to the newest release).

While I’m not sure that her self-titled 2014 release is the best album she’s done as a whole, it definitely had a lot of great songs.  Most of the focus went to the “singles” that were released from the album (“Digital Witness” and “Birth In Reverse” got a lot of attention), but from the moment I heard the song “Severed Crossed Fingers”, I knew that it would be near the top of my own year-end list of songs.

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Cuter Than Pie’s Top 20 Songs Of 2014

I originally posted one of these playlists at mid-year, but it’s been a huge year for new music, so it was time to update the playlist.  Now, I don’t know how you felt about 2014, but for me, it was probably the best year of the decade so far for music.

When I put together playlists, or just lists of songs, I don’t normally take the time to rank them.  This time around, I had some pretty strong opinions, so at least the top 10 songs here are in the order that I think they deserve to be. I also tried to limit my choices to only one song per artist.  Would some of these artists have had more than one song on this list otherwise?  It’s definitely a possibility.

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Playlist: The Best Songs of 2014 So Far…

I don’t know how you feel, but for me the last few months have practically flown by… As they say, “time does fly when you’re getting drunk” (or something like that).  But since it’s now July, and there have already been so many great songs and albums released in the first half of this year (my personal 2014 “best of” already contains more songs than all of 2013 combined) I thought it would be as good a time as any to compile a playlist with the best songs of the year so far…

2014 has already seen the release of several great LP’s, from old favorites (like Beck, St. Vincent, and Jack White) to new ones too (Parquet Courts, Future Islands), and the second half of the year should be just as good, with new releases from Spoon, New Pornographers, Sia, Jenny Lewis and “Weird Al” Yankovic (just to name a few)… Continue reading


Playlist: The Best Of St. Vincent

Continuing with the tradition, to finish out the week I thought I would put together a playlist of some of my favorite St. Vincent songs. As I mentioned before, I almost feel bad that I didn’t discover her music sooner.  The first album of hers that I really got into was Strange Mercy from 2011.  She had released two albums before that, Marry Me and Actor, but even though people had told me about the music of Annie Clark, I hadn’t really checked it out.  In 2012, she released Love This Giant with David Byrne and this year saw the release of the self-titled St. Vincent.

Personally, and maybe because I have listened to her newer albums the most, that’s the material that really grabs me, but there are definitely standout tracks on all of them.  As with the Beck playlist I created a couple of weeks ago, this really is what I consider a “best of”… as of today… a playlist that could be completely different depending on which day I make it, and what songs I’m enjoying at the time. And, as with the other playlists I’ve been posting, I’ve been trying to limit myself to just around an hour’s worth of music for each one.  If you follow this playlist on Spotify, I might make changes to it on occasion.

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