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Parquet Courts

The Weekly Dose 07-22-14 (featuring Parquet Courts)

This week marks an overall change in the way I’ll be putting together these weekly playlists from now on.  The original idea was to have one playlist that people would subscribe to and then each week it would be wiped out and a new batch of songs would take their place.  On paper, it was a good idea because nobody ever has to subscribe to more than one playlist, but then it eventually started to have an effect on the prior weeks’ blog posts, which contained links to those specific playlists (and the list of songs) but the actual songs would no longer match up.  If that makes sense,  then let’s move on.

Starting this week, we not only got our own domain (cuterthanpie.com) but I actually went back through every previous post and cleaned up all the links, videos and playlists.  From now on, every past edition of The Weekly Dose will be available to listen to on this site.  However, there is a new master Spotify playlist that I’d recommend everybody subscribe to. All previous tracks can be found there (currently around 100 songs so far) and it will be updated each week with the latest edition.

Finally, before we head into this week’s playlist, I want to thank everybody for the support over the last couple of weeks.  Not only did we move to a new domain name, but we’ve been averaging over 100 hits a day (and broke a record last week with a one day total of 465 views).

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Top 100 Songs Of The 00’s: “Any Given Day” by Tim Reid

Any Given Day
by Tim Reid (2005)

Let’s get one thing straight before we go any farther. This is not the actor Tim Reid, who appeared as Venus Flytrap on WKRP In Cincinnati and also as the dad on Sister, Sister.  This is Australian singer/songwriter Tim Reid who released one album back in 2005, and as far as I know, hasn’t released anything since.

Part of the restrictions I agreed to when making this list of top 100 songs, was that I would limit myself to just one song by each artist.  If I hadn’t done that, there probably would have easily been at least two more songs from Tim featured here, including the Michael Penn-esque “Be With You.”

But since I had to choose only one, the song I chose is the title track from his debut (and only album), Any Given Day.

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